12 or 14-Gauge Metal Support Struts


Installed in the base of the pallet the three steel uni-struts reduces deflection in racking situations and adds edge strength for wider spaced rack bars. Order for either the 40” or 48” front to match your racking.

Custom Plastic Pallets, Plastic Pallet AccessoriesCustom Plastic Pallets, Plastic Pallet Accessories, 12 or 14 Gauge Metal Supports

Metal Support Strands

Custom Plastic Pallets, Plastic Pallet Accessories, Metal Support Strands

Fitted into the top deck the three to five metal support strands stiffen the deck and prevent it from flexing under heavy loose loads. Available in steel or aluminum. Great for bagged or irregular shaped items or a load with a shifting weight.

Color Availability

Black is the standard color. Colors are available as special order. We can custom match any color desired. FDA approved blue and green are also available.

Custom Logo Imprint

Have your company logo molded into the pallet’s deck. Assists with the pallet‘s return and builds brand identification.